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Angelique Modin

Cover Illustrator and Children's

Angelique 2.jpeg

Digital Examples 

Colleen Cover.jpg
Book- Avalask Cover.jpg
Macho Cover.jpg
Books- Avalask Cover_edited.jpg
Von Drago.png
Square Image 2.png

Colored Pencil Drawings

Screenshot (4).png
Screenshot (10).png
Screenshot (11).png
Screenshot (12).png

You can find more examples of my traditional work on  Instagram!

The Process

Novel Covers

First, we would talk about what your vision is for your front and back covers. I would need details about the main characters, mood, and setting of your book so I have a general idea of where to go from there.

We would then discuss any ideas you might have already for the covers and I will probably give a few ideas of my own as well.

Next, I would do a few quick sketches of these ideas so we can see them on paper, and then we would decide which one you like best. After this, payment would be in order and the contract would be signed in full. Finally, it’s time to get started on the final piece!

Children's Books

This process would look quite different! Obviously, the script is really the only thing I would need here.

Once we talk about things like pricing, the style you want, and how long it may take me to complete the book, I would send you the contract to sign.

Once all that is taken care of, we can start the exciting part! The illustrations! You would send me the script, and, depending on how long your book is, I would lay out a plan so that I do sketches for a group of pages at once, which I would then send to you for your approval.

Once you do that, I would start the final pages. Then I’d send you those for approval, and I’d get started on the sketches for the next pages. This process continues until the book is completed!


Childrens Books

When it comes to Children's Books the price will vary greatly depending on the page count of your book, as well as the level of detail in the images, but expect somewhere in the several-thousand dollar range. If your story is ready to illustrate, reach out so we can talk about the details and I'll get you a quote!

Book Covers 

Book cover pricing, like anything else, will vary depending on the design and level of detail.  Generally, covers will range from $500-$1000. I am excited to discuss your ideas for both the front and back covers and get you a quote, so reach out to me whenever you're ready!

Character Portraits 

Character portraits are less likely to include elaborate backgrounds/details and therefore vary between $250-$500. Of course, we will always discuss what exactly you are looking for to determine the final price, and I can't wait to hear from you.

Angelique is not currently taking any commissions.

Thank you for understanding.

As a self-taught traditional artist, my dreams and passions have revolved around creating artwork ever since I can remember. I started my business, Art by Angelique, in 2015 doing commissions of pets and animals, and continued to grow from there into the full-time job of illustrating children’s books and novel covers in the past couple of years! Some of my other passions include horseback riding, reading, baking, and scrapbooking. I live in Washington with my husband and our two cats.

I am available for book covers, character portraits, children's book illustrations, any portrait you need that relates to your story, marketing art, title design.

I am well versed and experienced in both digital art and traditional colored pencil art. Digital art is great for fantasy covers, or anything that uses vivid colors. Colored pencil art is better for romance covers, etc.

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