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60 Day Novel Writing Challenge Authors

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Halie Fewkes

Secrets of the Tally Series 

Halie is the creator of the 60 Day Novel Challenge and writes with the challengers almost every round. Currently, you can read her Secrets of the Tally series on her website!

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Adam Caar


Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

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Kova Killian 

Kova (or Elizabeth) has written all of her books through the 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge and is an active member in the challenge Facebook group. She continues to return to the challenge to write her upcoming projects. Find more about her and her novels at!

Lycoris in the Moonlight and Tattered Realm Series

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Colleen Mitchell 

The Chronicles of Talahm

Colleen used the challenge to finally write the first book in her series and now serves as an accountability coach for Professional Premium. You can find out more about her first novel at!

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Shanna P. Lowe

Candy Sky Tell a Lie

Shanna P. Lowe used the challenge to re-write her middle grade fiction Candy Sky Tells A Lie. She then entrusted the Tally Ink team with editing, coaching, cover art, illustrations, and formatting--everything she needed for publishing. Candy Sky Tells A Lie is set for release on September 20, 2022. Learn more about her and her book at

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Beth Savoie

Compton and Murray Mystery Series

Beth used the challenge to write Death Illuminated, the second in her mystery series. Then she took advantage of Tally Ink’s author services to make it amazing. She did it all in one year, as opposed to five years with her first novel. She is also using her author coaching to improve the first book and can’t wait to start the next challenge to see what her characters are going to do next.


Find out more about Death Illuminated and the mystery series at

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