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Halie Fewkes

Developmental Editing (YA Fantasy)

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"Developmental Editing is a constructive, critical breakdown of the story-telling elements in your overall story - NOT to be confused with proofreading.  

No spelling errors or punctuation blunders will be harmed or even pointed out in the process of this edit." 

Examples and Pricing

"These three chapters didn't seem to relate to your overall story. Let's brainstorm how to tie them in, or take them out."


"The middle of the book is dragging. Let's come up with ideas to keep your readers engaged."


"These three characters are all serving the same role in your story. Let's think about combining them into one, more dynamic character your readers love or hate."

Feedback you'll hear in a Developmental Edit may sound like:

If your application is accepted, your Developmental Edit will include:

 1) A thorough read-through by Halie, who knows the ins and outs of writing in these genres.


2) An edited document full of comments and ideas for overall story improvement. 


3) A Zoom Call Discussion with Halie about the elements of the story - typically lasting several hours in the case of a full, novel-length manuscript.

The price of The Developmental Editing Package is 2 cents per word.
So a 50,000 word manuscript costs $1,000. 
Interested in working with Halie?
Fill out the contact form on the Author Services page!

Developmental Editing:

Halie is currently open to applications for clients in search of developmental editing only.

This may be you if: 

1) You write in the young adult, middle grade, or fantasy genres and have a finished draft of your book to edit.


2) You get the feeling that your book could use help with its overall flow, to get readers more engaged and keep them turning the pages.


3) You're open to big, structural changes in your story to make it more exciting and a book your readers can't put down.

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