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Come Grab Your Worksheets, and Let's Get Started!

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Day 0 - – Making My First $65,000 on Kickstarter

Welcome to the 5-Day Build Your Kickstarter Challenge! 


Throughout these five days, we’ll explore how to plan out your Kickstarter, build your campaign, and market your project. 


Halie, your host, has used Kickstarter to fund the printing of all of her books, and will take you through the process as she gets ready to launch her next one! Join us as she explains the importance of your fanbase, and how to market to the right people. We’ll also explore how to plan out all of your financial needs so you know exactly how high to set your funding goal. 


Are you ready? Download the worksheets above!

Day 1 - Figuring Out Financials

Buckle up, everyone!


Today is perhaps the most important, and the most intense, out of all of them. Today we’re discussing how to calculate, and plan for every aspect of your financials before your Kickstarter launches. 

There’s more that goes into a Kickstarter than simply launching it, and hoping people show up. Join Halie as she guides you through how to organize all your financial needs, and how to figure out what those needs are! 


This is a long video, but all the information is extremely important for making sure you have the best shot possible at running a successful Kickstarter.

Day 2 - Create Your Content

Day Two is all about creating the content for your Kickstarter!


In order to run a successful Kickstarter, it’s important to have professional, eye-catching ads. Get tips and tricks that make your ads, and social media posts, engaging for your audience. 

Get tips and tricks that make your ads, and social media posts, engaging for your audience. As we go through the do’s and don’ts of content creation, we’ll also cover the professionals you may want to help you, and how long it will take.


Today is for brainstorming about what you need for marketing, and how you want your Kickstarter to look. Get creative and have fun!

Day 3 - Create The Kickstarter

We’ve finally made it!


All your hard work is so close to paying off, we just need to actually build the Kickstarter first! There is plenty to do, but remember to give yourself enough time before the launch to make everything perfect, AND get approved by Kickstarter.

Halie takes you through her process as she builds her very own Kickstarter step-by-step.


Watch as all of the information you’ve collected, and content you’ve made so far, finally gets put to good use! Navigating your first Kickstarter build can be overwhelming at times, but hopefully with Halie by your side, it’ll take out some of the guesswork.

Day 4 - Set a Social Media Schedule

Today we discuss social media and how to use it in the months leading up to your campaign, as well as during it.


Try not to rely solely on social media for advertising, but definitely do spend some quality time deciding what, where, and when posts go live. 

It can be difficult to put yourself and your products out there on the internet, it takes a lot of courage. But, social media is also an extremely important marketing tool when it comes to getting attention to your Kickstarter. 

Day 5 - Set Your Date, Make Your Commitment, Start The Buzz

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