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20 Fun and Out-of-the-Box Questions to Flesh Out Your Protagonist

Creating a compelling protagonist involves more than just deciding their basic traits and backstory. To make your character truly memorable, you need to dive deep into their quirks, preferences, and unique perspectives. Here are 20 fun and out-of-the-box questions to help you flesh out your protagonist and bring them to life.

1. What Would Your Character's Reaction Be if They Suddenly Found Themselves in a World Where Everyone Spoke in Rhymes?

This question pushes you to think about how your character adapts to strange and whimsical situations. Do they find it amusing, or does it drive them crazy?

2. If Your Character Could Have a Superpower That Is Utterly Useless in Combat (Like Always Knowing the Exact Time or Being Able to Change the Color of Flowers), What Would It Be and Why?

A quirky superpower can reveal a lot about your character’s personality and values. What do they find important or amusing?

3. What Is Your Character’s Guilty Pleasure TV Show or Book, the One They’d Be Embarrassed to Admit They Love?

This question digs into your character’s softer side and can help humanize them, making them more relatable to readers.

4. If Your Character Had to Spend a Week Living as an Animal, Which Animal Would They Choose and What Would They Do?

Exploring this question can show your character’s desires, fears, and the qualities they admire in other creatures.

5. What Would Be Your Character's Dream Job if Money and Practicalities Were No Object?

A dream job can reflect your character’s passions and aspirations, providing insight into what drives them.

6. If Your Character Were a Contestant on a Reality TV Show, Which Show Would It Be and How Would They Fare?

This scenario can highlight your character’s skills, competitiveness, and how they handle being in the spotlight.

7. What Would Your Character Do if They Found a Wallet Full of Cash on the Street with No Identification?

This moral dilemma reveals your character’s ethical beliefs and how they respond to temptation.

8. How Would Your Character Spend Their Last Day on Earth if They Knew the World Was Ending Tomorrow?

Understanding what your character values most can come from seeing how they choose to spend their final moments.

9. If Your Character Could Swap Lives with Any Historical Figure for a Day, Who Would They Choose and What Would They Do?

This question uncovers your character’s historical interests and the qualities they admire in others.

10. What Unusual Talent or Skill Does Your Character Secretly Have?

A hidden talent can add depth to your character, providing opportunities for surprising moments in your story.

11. If Your Character Could Communicate with One Type of Animal, Which Would They Choose and What Would They Talk About?

This whimsical question can highlight your character’s affinities and what they would seek to learn or share.

12. What Is Your Character’s Go-To Comfort Food and Why?

Comfort food can evoke nostalgia and provide insight into your character’s background and emotional triggers.

13. If Your Character Had to Create a Playlist for a Long Road Trip, What Are Five Songs That Would Definitely Be on It?

A music playlist can reveal your character’s tastes, moods, and significant memories associated with certain songs.

14. What’s a Hobby or Interest Your Character Has That Most People Wouldn’t Expect?

An unexpected hobby can add layers to your character and make them more intriguing to readers.

15. If Your Character Could Live in Any Fictional World from a Book or Movie, Which Would They Choose and Why?

This question explores your character’s escapism desires and the aspects of life they find most appealing.

16. What’s the Most Outlandish Conspiracy Theory Your Character Secretly Believes or Finds Amusing?

Believing in or being amused by a conspiracy theory can show a different side of your character’s skepticism or sense of humor.

17. How Would Your Character React to Meeting a Future Version of Themselves?

This scenario can delve into your character’s hopes, fears, and how they view their own potential and destiny.

18. What Would Be Your Character’s Strategy for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse?

A zombie apocalypse scenario can highlight your character’s resourcefulness, bravery, and survival instincts.

19. If Your Character Were to Write a Book, What Genre Would It Be and What Would the Plot Revolve Around?

Imagining your character as an author can reveal their inner thoughts, experiences, and the kind of stories they want to tell.

20. What Irrational Fear Does Your Character Have, and How Do They Cope with It?

An irrational fear can make your character more relatable and provide opportunities for growth and overcoming challenge.

Grab a Cup, Cozy Up, and Let’s Get to Writing!

Use these questions to dive deeper into your protagonist’s mind and discover what makes them tick. The more you know about your character, the more authentic and engaging they will be to your readers.


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