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What is Tally Ink, and Can it Really Help with Writing, Editing, AND Publishing?

What is Tally Ink?

Tally Ink is a platform dedicated to helping authors achieve their writing goals through various challenges and services. It offers The 60-Day Novel Writing Challenge, success stories for inspiration, mini challenges to boost creativity, and a range of author services to support writers at every stage of their journey.


The 60 Day Novel Writing Challenge: The 60-Day Novel Writing Challenge on Tally Ink is a program designed to help authors complete their novels in 60 days. It provides a structured plan with daily tasks, motivational tips, and support to keep writers on track. Participants receive guidance on plotting, character development, and other essential aspects of novel writing. The challenge is suitable for both new and experienced writers looking to accomplish their writing goals within a set timeframe.

Professional Premium: Professional Premium on Tally Ink is a package that offers authors comprehensive support to enhance their writing journey. This includes personalized feedback, exclusive resources, and tailored guidance designed to help writers achieve their goals more effectively.

Author/Publishing Services: Tally Ink offers a range of author services designed to support writers at various stages of their journey. These services include manuscript evaluations, developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Additionally, they offer coaching sessions to provide personalized guidance and feedback, helping authors improve their craft and reach their writing goals.

Meet the Professional Premium Team

Halie Fewkes-Damewood is the founder of Tally Ink and an author dedicated to helping writers achieve their goals. She created the 60-Day Novel Writing Challenge to provide structure, motivation, and support for authors looking to complete their novels. Halie offers a range of author services, including manuscript evaluations, editing, and coaching sessions.

Colleen Mitchell is a certified professional coach associated with Tally Ink. She specializes in accountability and productivity coaching for authors. Colleen helps writers navigate the mental challenges of completing and publishing their books, offering guidance on maintaining focus, overcoming obstacles, and following through on their writing goals. Her coaching is particularly aimed at those who have struggled to publish their work due to overthinking or other life demands.

Lauren Loftis is part of the Tally Ink team, specializing in developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. She provides comprehensive editing services to help authors refine their manuscripts, ensuring clarity, coherence, and overall quality. Lauren's expertise helps writers improve their work through detailed feedback and meticulous editing.

Why Does Tally Ink Care?

Tally Ink is deeply invested in writers because it recognizes the profound impact of storytelling and ideas on shaping culture and thought. Writers are the architects of narratives that inspire, educate, and provoke thought. By supporting writers, Tally Ink fosters creativity and innovation, believing that their work enriches society by challenging perspectives, sparking conversations, and reflecting diverse human experiences. Through nurturing writers, Tally Ink aims to empower individuals to share their voices and contribute meaningfully to the collective tapestry of literature and knowledge.


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